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Our Hands and Feet for the Streets Introduction

We're ready to share our experience

NLO brings together a team of people who donate food, finances, time, tears, and talent to help us make sure that people can access the food they need.  Our food pantry network is the base of what we do, our foundation.  Yet we believe that if we can help people today we can make a long term change.

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2020 Year-End Meals

9,000 Meals Served To The Streets of Dallas

9,000 Meals Served

We Love Sharing Your Love

Adopted Christian Families Pakistan

Dear Family

I urge you to please raise funds for us that we may be able to distribute food packages among poor Christian families here in Pakistan.

A minimum of 100 families are waiting for our love and support.

Thank you so much for your donations to NLO.
This blessed connection allows us to distribute food packages from NLO.

We believe and trust that God would touch your hearts for these families who are in lock-down for prayer, funds, and food.

Hands + Feet = Hope In Action

Helping Hands and Feet - Noble Life Outreach

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Saturday Lunches

People Served Weekly - Noble Life Outreach

People Served Weekly

History of Roots

Noble Life Ministries, a Dallas, Texas faith-based ministry, operates in many different categories. It is a front-line street ministry, and it provides accountable living and residency to individuals who are less fortunate, character development, emotional mentorship, job placement, acts as a conduit/ mobile food pantry for relationships all through the Metropolis.

NLM exists to assist individuals with the opportunity to repurpose, restructure and regain control of their lives. With people come human mistakes, and at NLM we treat any mistake as opportunity to grow. NLM supports second chances.

We understand this is a difficult time for everyone, and in response, we are increasing our presence in the Metropolis. Currently, Dallas has issued a blanket shelter order. We have reviewed the order, and our activities are exempted under items 2.a.iv., & b. v. as we are providing Essential Services to the Economically Disadvantaged and Needy individuals.

So we’re offering to be the Feet and HANDS for you, marching towards and reaching out to those who stand in need. We are here to house those who are without shelter, to uplift those who have fallen, and to help heal those wounded by life’s brutal blows.

Historical Roots - Noble Life Outreach
First and Second Chance Given Daily

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Our Servant Leader Services

Hands and Feet builds Community hope

Some communities are not able to keep in stock food and basic household items. That’s why NLO builds a team of connecting networks to make the difference between peace and panic for Dallas and some surrounding cities.

Room For Connecting
Room For Improvement
Communities Reached
Hands and Feet builds Community hope - Noble Life Outreach
Hands and Feet Builds Community Hope - Our Servant Leader Services

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No other group of people deserves our gratitude more than donors. 

Lending your time, effort, finances, and resources for the less fortunate without expecting anything in return.

Though it’s not a paying job, it’s far from thankless. In fact, donors get something that no money can buy – fulfillment in a Noble Life

The satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped change lives is worth more than any amount of material things.

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