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During this 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, connecting with
Noble Life Outreach and others has proven that we are much more effective when we're all in this together.

Why Connecting Matters

no Hunger in America

What does the face of hunger truly look like? Is it a child in Ethiopia, a aging man in Somalia or a family in poverty-stricken India. Most of us know hunger is a huge problem in third world countries killing thousands daily. In fact hunger kills more than AIDS tuberculosis combined. 

Today right now one and six families in America are struggling with hunger 50 million Americans will not have enough food to eat by the Days end. The face of hunger in America is not just the homeless in fact it’s the single mom. It’s grandparents raising babies. It’s these individuals working at minimum wage living on the edge. The official definition of hunger is (food insecurity) individuals with literally not knowing where their next meal is coming from. Hunger in America does not have a stereotypical look. They look like you and I and you would not know. It’s so internal behind closed doors in America you really can’t put a face on it but it does exist. There’s a widespread misconception that only the poor go hungry. “UNTRUE” 

That’s why our TEAM at NLO Is so committed to our Dallas community we see the daily needs and where here to make a difference one day at a time. When you’re living daily when you truly lose everything it is hard to find somebody that will help you NLO is committed to filling that Gap !!

The faces of hunger have CHANGED their standing right next to you and you don’t even know it.

NLO has taken a stand on hunger we are committed to being part of a solution in our community.

No one should go hungry in America

NO ONE !!!!!!!!

Understanding the science behind it

In this theory,
higher needs in the hierarchy
begin to emerge
when people feel
they have sufficiently
satisfied the previous need.
From the bottom
of the hierarchy
the needs are:

Love and Belonging,
and Self-Actualization.

Exploring The Science Behind It - Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs 01a


Safe, clean for drinking is a body’s most fundamental need. It’s something the homeless too often can’t get.


No person cannot go without experiencing fatigue, disorientation, and declining health.


To intercede with protection from the elements, sufficiency of food, clothing, joy, and peace of mind. 

Emotional CPR or eCPR

A public health practice that teaches people how to assist others through emotional crises  while at the same time helping to build community around the world.

Fight the Needs with us

Join a growing connection of people in the Dallas Metroplex who are working to keep communities with food, water, and prayer.

Connecting donors
with communities

homeless People Living In Various Cities He Waited and Needed Help From he Kind People To Give

Homelessness Comes With Stigmas

An important way you can help combat the stereotypes of those experiencing homelessness. 

  • Spread awareness of the truth.

Many people believe that those experiencing homeless are:

  • Severe mental health issues

  • Untreated substance abuse problems

 Does Helping The Homeless Actually Help?

The homeless say:

  • “As much as they appreciate the hot meals, the food isn’t keeping them on the streets.”

  • “It doesn’t help me tomorrow.”

It doesn’t,” said a 55-year-old man who will not give his name.

  • “But it helps me today.”

Person on the streets fishing for kindness or love from ladies

What Witnesses say


The greatest thing about volunteering and giving may be the benefits it offers to individual recipients, their communities, and the volunteers themselves.


From immigrants escaping violence, kids needing educational material and a meal, to the homeless. there's no shortage of ways donors can help make a difference.


The Change We Want To See In Our Communities